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Saint Michael and All Angels – A Musical Journey

Music for St. Michael and All Angels – Sept 29th John Milton
“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep”.

Themes & Variations by Musician & Producer Kelly Galbraith

A woman I know really well, who isn’t prone to flights of fancy, told me that an angel appeared to her during the night to reassure her that the problem she was wrestling with would be solved the next day.  She was wide awake and lying in her bed when a man suddenly appeared.  He didn’t look like the portraits you see of the Archangel Gabriel holding a trumpet and sporting a huge set of wings.   This mystical being was an average looking fellow with sandy coloured hair and wearing typical casual street clothes.  “Don’t worry.  It will all work out.”  was his message and then, he vanished.  She wasn’t afraid, and true to his word, the next day, the problem resolved.

I am not a New Age philosopher.   Yet I too have had an experience that could only be described as divine intervention.  It was 30 years ago and I remember it…

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About Not The Church Lady

I am a church musician who has been involved in God's business for over 40 years. I have been employed by various denominations and have many clergy as friends. This is my story, and these are their stories. All are true but the names in these posts have been changed.

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